Hi there, enchantée!

I am a physicist pursuing a Ph.D. in Astrophysics. Recently, I concluded my Master’s degree in Astrophysics at the Universidade de São Paulo. I have extensive experience with Computational Physics, trying to unravel challenges in Physics with the help of computational methods. My primary focus is to use and create machine learning methods to help understand black holes’ physics. Mainly, I develop deep learning methods to simulate an accretion disk around a black hole by solving general relativistic hydrodynamic equations.

Astrophysics with ML

“No matter what happens in life, be good to people. Being good to people is a wonderful legacy to leave behind.”
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Research interests

  • Develop machine learning methods with application in Astrophysics, focused on black holes’ physics.
  • Use and build deep learning techniques to understand and solve complex spatiotemporal processes.
  • Create a path with physics-informed neural networks to gain explainability.
  • Explore new state-of-the-art techniques in the machine learning field and comprehend the possible application to my research interests.
  • Investigate numerical simulations with their pros and cons as a data generator to teach deep learning models.


I care a lot about outreach and the opportunity to teach and bring knowledge to society, especially future generations. I want to inspire people to pursue a career in Computational Physics, particularly in the AI field. With that goal in mind, I started to spread information about those topics on social networks. I became Verified on Twitter in 2021, and I use this opportunity to bring awareness about Physics and AI.

Some outreach projects I participated:

And more! You can find more on Google search.

Ciência Todo Dia

I’m a screenwriter on the Youtube channel Ciência Todo Dia – a Youtube channel with +2 million subscribers owned and hosted by Pedro Loos.


I won an award as Outstanding Poster at the Mediterranean Machine Learning Summer School.

The link for the presentation is here.

Who Am I

A really really really big fan of Taylor Swift A really really really big fan of Taylor Swift since 2012. I enjoy spending time reading books. You can find the books I am reading at GoodReads – usually just reading a book. I love talking about my favorite things as Marvel Cinematic Universe, Star Wars, and series in general. You can talk to me about all of this! I love to meet new people and make more connections!


  • Twitter: @import_robs
  • Instagram: @import_robs
  • Email: rhoduarte@gmail.com